Locked out of your laptop BIOS? Try this

There are two current threads here about laptops and Zorin. It made me start considering putting ZPro 16.2 on an old HP Pavilion ZV6000 laptop. Well...seems I could remember the PW for the power on boot but not for the System BIOS. To physically clear the CMOS would require a complete disassemble of the laptop. Not worth the effort on a 10+ year old laptop.

A few minutes of DuckDuckGo searching and I came up with a Youtube vid that had this link:


After 3 failed attempts on the System BIOS PW I was given an error code. I entered the error code in the link above and got a PW that would unlock the System BIOS. It worked! Yeee Haaa...lucky me.

I then found out this laptop is old enough that it will not do a USB boot, so, I will need to burn a .iso to a DVD first.

Just passing on the link as it may help someone else. I have no idea if the site is using an existing customer DB or if it actually hashes out the error code to an acceptable PW for the BIOS. Looks like it will work for a number of different computer brands.


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