Locked Out

New to Zorin16,but Linux user for many years. I am signed in as Admin in my account. However, I am unable to stop/terminate/delete 2 processes(viewed
in TaskManager), no matter how I try. Even did shutdown of computer did not
help. It interferes with my trying to do some other things, such as opening up
Synaptic. The 2 processes are result of my trying to install the MS TTY fonts.
Attached is error message I get when in Task Manager/Processes. Would very
much appreciate any assistance on this. THANK YOU in advance.


Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Normally you would see this message short after starting up your computer as it checks for available updates automatically. The process that you are seeing and trying to shutdown is apt which is the package manager, responsible for doing this type of housekeeping. So I'm wondering if this error goes away after waiting for a little bit.

You also mention there are two processes being held, which is the second one? It may give a bit more information about the problem.

Also, how did you try to install MS fonts?

Please run the following in terminal:

sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend

in order to see what is causing the lock (even after reboot).
The above should show a process I.D. that can be used with the sudo kill command.

Remove the lock:

sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend

Then you should probably run:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

If you are running updates in terminal, have software store opened and running updates or software updater open, you will not be able to open synaptic.

Each one of these processes places a lock on updating applications, as you wouldn't want two processes accessing and writing to the same place around the same time.

End any application, this may include waiting for software updater to finish checking for updates immediately after boot (two to three minute wait depending on your processor and internet connection). Then attempt to start synaptic or software updater or software store or apt update. Each of these will have to be run at separate times, never simultaneously.

A similar thing can occur if you attempt to run processes in gparted and in disks simultaneously. You should not and are not permitted to operate two system tasks that access the same media.