Log Errors

Greetings all,
was poking around and noticed these messages in my log listed under "important"
not sure what these messages are alluding to:

SYSTEM:gpiochip_add_data_with_key: GPIOs 0..-1 (gpio_aaeon) failed to register, -22
HARDWARE:gpio gpiochip0: (gpio_aaeon): tried to insert a GPIO chip with zero lines
Kernel Device:+gpio:gpiochip0
Priority 3

if anyone has any ideas what these mean any and all help is appreciated,
thanks in advance.

A quick search brings up that it's possibly the kernel is trying load a module with no gpio pins.

Basically ignore it or blacklist the module to stop the messages.

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I am going to have to agree with Jgordon, just ignore it. :+1:


i was getting the same results in my search but wanted to make sure i wasn't missing anything since i have not seen these before.
thanks again for the quick responses,

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