Log In Screen Desktop Choices

I checked my Log In Desktop Choices today as I know I have a few duplicates and not to sure how I managed that ..... the photo below will show the different ones I have installed ......

What I need is to remove those that are unwanted with out effecting the others .....

Cinnamon ----- want to keep ...... daily driver

Cinnamon (software Rendering) ------- do I need this one ?????

Gnome ----- want to keep just one version ..... these both appear to be the same but not stock Gnome Desktop

Gnome ----- delete this one

Gnome on Xorg ----- do I need this ?????

Xfce Session ------ would like to keep ....... is this the same as Gnome above

Zorin Desktop ----- would like to keep ....... stock Gnome desktop

Zorin Desktop on Wayland ----- do I need this ?????

This is part of Cinnamon - it is a fallback that you can log into in case Graphics issues prevent you from managing to log in to your Desktop. This can remove the need to enter Recovery Menu, allowing the user to correct graphics errors from the desktop.

It looks like you installed Zorin Core.
Then installed Gnome.
Then installed XFCE.

This is a tricky bit of work... You could remove gnome,

sudo apt remove gnome

then immediately run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

right after.
Then remove xfce4

sudo apt remove xfce4

and immediately after run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-lite-desktop

That is part of the Zorin-Os-Desktop - allowing the user to log in to Gnome on Wayland.


If the above makes your hair stand on end and you do not mind the space that the duplicates take up, only their showing in the menu, you can just remove the Entries while leaving the installed packages.

sudo -i

Launch file manager elevated as root (In *this users case, it is Nemo, but Core users should run nautilus and Lite users should run thunar)


Navigate to /usr/share/xsessions

Right click and remove any unwanted entries.

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This is what I got when I did the above .....

Xfce ..... uninstalled and then installed looks to be no problem .... going to restart and check the menu ..... be right back

OK just checked and I have all the others with one more added ...... "Zorin OS Lite Session" ...... does the Gnome ones mean that there are 2 or 3 different downloads of the Zorin OS installed on my unit or do they all just point to my single download of Zorin OS or just the Zorin desktop .....

If it is just the desktop and it didn't load 3 different downloads of the desktop .... I can just do this ....

The desktop packages for Gnome and the ones for XFCE will be shared between the Zorin OS Desktop and Zorin Os Lite Desktop respectively.
The short answer is "yes" you have multiple D.E.'s. But you do not have duplicates of all the D.E. files.

I think that last option:

Navigate to `/usr/share/xsessions`

Right click and remove any unwanted entries.

is the best one...

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Here is what shows up in my Nemo "xsessions folder" .....

If I remember correctly the Xfce is for Xfce to operate on Zorin OS 6.3 Pro and not lite .... but I needed the lite anyway ....

Looks like I'll just have to ignore the extra choices as they don't show up in the Nemo folder ..... no big deal ..... thanks for your help ..... marked as solved .... :+1: :smile:

They do...
The Extra Gnome is there. Gnome on Xorg is there. XFCE Session and Zorin OS Lite Session are both listed in there.

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I'm in Zorin Lite right now playing around and I enjoy it ..... maybe I'll choose the Lite version of Pro when 17 comes out ..... so far I haven't seen any advantage of 16.3 Pro over Lite but then I'm just getting acquainted with Lite right now .....

As I have Lite with XFCE now I don't see a need to have XFCE DE installed on my 16.3 Pro .... how do I go about deleting it ..... I ask this because I also have XFCE installed on Zorin Lite and I don't want to delete that one too ...... I did search the help files but like I said I don't want to delete both .....

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