Logging out of the forum

How do you log out from the forum? - can’t see it anywhere.

You can log out of the forum by

  1. Clicking on your user image (in the top-right corner of this site, beside the search and menu button)
  2. Selecting your username in the menu
  3. Clicking “Log Out”
    log out

Thanks for that - a few more clicks than before, but good to find.

There is a slight learning curve with this new forum, but that just makes it more fun!


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I was trapped on the forum again - no menu under my user.
Perhaps it was not me after all. Just had to shut the tab.
Also can’t see my posts sorry.

“Log Out” and “Activity” now appear a bit different from what @AZorin illustrated above. They are now listed under the gear wheel tab.
Don’t know if that helps.
It is a bit hidden IMO.

Thanks for the update.

The Zorin 15 forum website is very unintuitive compared with every other user’s forum that I use.

I have recently visited the Linux Mint site and it is like chalk (Zorin) and cheese (Mint).

I’m sorry to have to say this, but I far prefered the old Zorin user’s website - everything was easy to find and with logical topic groupings.

Hi Finston, don’t give up - even Moderators are having to find their way round. For me what I really like is I can see unread posts and new posts. It certainly is helping me to stay focused on helping and guiding where I can and to acknowledge that I don’t have all the answers! :wink:

I won’t give up - it is only by discussion and agreement that positive changes can be made.


I still can’t log out - what has happened to the cog?

I just close and go - bad practice, but what else can I do?


Click the “person” icon (not sure what to call it).


Yes “cog” has since been replaced by “person” tab, in the same place.


Thanks again - I like to logout when leaving sites.

As an alternative, you can also delete any zorin.com (or forum.zorin.com) cookies from your browser and it should log you out.
In Firefox, cookies are under Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Manage Data.

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