Login error screen

Hello everyone,
I am new to linux and installed zorin 16 lite yesterday. Everything was working fine until I click on shutdown icon (or may, idk what it was but the symbol was a circle with a horizontal line). Today when I tried to start, the screen was black and power light was on so I knew the laptop is on but isn't showing anything.

Then clicking on Novo button (found on lenovo laptops), this showed up and I'm unable to enter numbers (for password)

Please help me!!!

Try Lite - Black screen after update - #16 by cnimi
Use the numeric keys under the function keys rather than those on the number pad.

Hello, quick update.
Firstly I didn't know that when you enter password, it wouldn't show so I kept thinking that it didn't.
After a bit searching I came across a post stating that. So I entered username, password and then entered shutdown -h 0 to shutdown the system.

On restarting, it started normally. Thanks

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