Login issues with external display connected to laptop with lid closed

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to Linux and coming from Windows 11. Zorin has been a great learning experience into Linux so far; however, there is one troublesome issue that I'm having with my external monitor connected to my laptop through HDMI.

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 7577 laptop with a hybrid Intel HD Graphics 630 / Nvidia 1060 GTX. I recently installed a fresh Zorin 16.1 image with the preinstall Nvidia option. My laptop is connected to a TCL 65" display. My goal is to stash the laptop somewhere, always connected to the external display via HDMI, and having the lid remained closed at all times.

The specific issues that I'm having is logging in while the laptop lid is closed. Once I log in, the display will just blank out giving no input. Then I open up my laptop, and it's frozen with just a black display. But get this, if I log in with the laptop lid open, everything works just fine. I can even shut the laptop lid and have no issues. It's just logging in while the laptop lid is closed.

I guess it's worth noting that the default Nvidia driver that installed is the proprietary nvidia-driver-470 which says it's the recommended driver when I check Additional Drivers. I'm not super saavy in the terminal yet, so I might need some extra guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Have you tried handleLidSwtich=ignore?

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@Aravisian this worked! This was a relatively easy and useful guide to follow. After I ran

systemctl restart systemd-logind.service

I logged in with the lid shut and boom, Zorin loads beautifully. I had to double verify that this solution actually worked, so I was able to log back in after rebooting the laptop.

I couldn't thank you enough! :smiley:

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