Login keyring HACKED

I've just launched my Zorin laptop and was going to use my browser when the GNOME keyring popped on my display. I don't provide any password on startup so that's how the OS keeps my machine secure, with GNOME'S keyring's individual app login per session. When I changed my mind about browsing on the web I had to click "Cancel" on the password prompt; It popped once again so I repeated the process. Shockingly, after that, my Brave browser fired up like nothing. NO PASSWORD PROVIDED WHATSOEVER AND I'M INSIDE MY PROTECTED APP (two clicks on "Cancel" required). Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen.
Hope I'm eluded,

The Chromium based Browsers can still launch and run without the password. They just will not be able to make any changes to their files within Root if you launch that way.

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