Login loop in evolution


I first try to find an answer on this forum and on internet but nothing helped me.
I am trying to connect my Outlook account in Evolution. However, each time I enter my password, i get back to the login window (no error shown unfortunately).

Some information :
I have the double authentication with the Outlook App. So the password is in the app. However, it doesn't work. Also, i tried deactivate it but nothing change. When i use my real password it doesn't work either. I don't really know what else to do now :confused:

Any idea ?

News :

I managed to add one outlook mail with my password on Evolution. But, my other outlook mail doesn't connect at all. And i prefer to say it now, that's the good password :wink: . I can get connected on outlook.fr but not in Evolution. So i don't know what is the problem :confused:

How is Evolution installed. Is source an apt or containerised package like flatpak or snap?

There is a ongoing issue at Microsoft re Outlook access on 3rd party email clients. Maybe that is affecting Evolution.


Evolution is part of the installation! It is now the default Email client in Zorin 16 and 17. Do you have access to Outlook365? That's what I had to do while working from home. Just needed to know the settings and I could access my work email without any issue.