Login Loop

I had the same issue like 2 days ago but forgot how I fixed it.

Whenever I input my password, screen goes blank for a few seconds and takes me back to login screen.

Would retracing your steps jog your memory?

Tried all of that already, nothing works.

Graphic drivers issues can cause this. I recall (tell me if I am wrong) that you recently said you had some graphic issues including monitors not being recognized.

Just after that message, I fix the issue that it didn't recognize the monitors. Perhaps in doing so, I created the issue.

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I believe this might be what broke everything. https://github.com/lutris/docs/blob/master/InstallingDrivers.md

I was trying to install Battle.net on Lutris and following that guide above is what broke my 3 monitor setup. I modified the command has the Nvidia driver 515 and latest is 535.

That switched the drivers I was using to some open source version. By switching back to the proprietary ones, I got my 3 monitors working but got stuck in the login loop.

I was reading that link and it stated repeatedly that the instructs will break Linux Mint which is odd.
It may be Mesa version that is the culprit.

Is there a solution or would it just be easier to reinstall?

If you feel like reinstalling is a viable option, I am all for it. Untangling mesa and vulkan is tricky on a good day.

I'm used to it. I've had to reinstall a few times already.

I'm almost at the point of making myself a guide on what exactly to do so I can avoid resetting because I did something I don't like and too lazy to ask for help on how to undo it.

make an with a restore utility - or go full nerd and use DD


make a master image of clean working base - with any customizations you like - its faster than reinstall and setup the way you like OOB

I will definitely use that.

I have to ask something before I reset again.

When resetting, there this for the hard drive.

EXPERIMENTAL: Erase dick and use ZFS.

I have no clue what it is but is that worth use it or I should stay away?

ZFS is a File System, just as ext4 or NTFS are File Systems. I would avoid it. It is experimental and while it has some nice quirks, like an ability to avoid interrupted read / write errors, its problems outweigh its benefits.
It is slower then ext4, prone to bugginess and can run into problems with DKMS and the kernel.

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Using normal mode then, thank you.

Hum, I guess we can mark this as unresolved since I'm resetting my PC?

Or that your decision to reinstall is the solution.
Either works and either is reasonably honest.

Can this be used with a USB drive instead of an actual hard drive?

Edit: Just realized I skipped the step where it talks about a bootable USB.

ZFS has been adapted from Sun Solais Unix into openzfs - and is a volume management file-system geared towards RAID and large data structures for datacenters (originally)- it acts as both the logical volume management and file-system which is slightly different than other file-systems. It has its benefits like data preservation in hardware failure but like @Aravisian said the cons kind of outweigh it at the moment, but in the early days ntfs was the same way when it was implemented into consumer Windows and now is a robust file-system.
If you were running ZorinOS on a raid setup it would probably be worth it.

I've used it at a past employers environment for bsd file clusters

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