Login problems

How to open Zorin from the terminal, I can't log in with the password anymore ... yet it's right. Do I have to wait a few minutes after repeated entries?

It sounds like this could be something wrong with the keyboard you are using, perhaps some keys are not being detected correctly when pressed lightly, or are registering twice the amount of strokes. I've had some of these issues with at least two keyboards in the last few years, so don't rule it out completely. Try to use another keyboard if you have access to one, or even the virtual keyboard option:

Otherwise your options are pretty limited.If you have another account already registered you can try to login as that user, and if it has root privileges reset the password for your original account. Or if you had setup SSH to remotely login from another computer that would give you a terminal session, and the chance to reset the password.

I'm sorry but your solution is not adequate ... I would like to know if there is a solution with the terminal and what operations I have to do?

u can launch virtual terminal using ctrl + alt + { F2 or F3 or F4 or F5 or F6 } but u need to put ur username and password there. to exit the virtual terminal press ctrl + alt + F1.

check if ur caps lock is off. if that doesn't work try using on screen keyboard or an external keyboard

t is not possible, in this way I still have to enter the password ... which I no longer have. Is there a way to login to the computer without entering the Password?

boot into recovery mode by selecting advanced options for zorin in the grub menu, then select recovery mode then select root then type this command mount rw -o remount / then type passwd [your-username] then type ur new password, it should look something like this
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
then write quit and select the resume option

I've noticed on my machine that before RunLevel 5 (graphical desktop) is reached, keyboard input is extremely 'touchy'... pressing a key can result in from 1 to as many as 6 characters being printed on-screen.

So when you're typing in your password, be sure that only one additional character is printed to screen with each keypress.

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