Login / Reboot - Crazy Taskbar - HELP

Hello all,

Requesting assistance finding out how to stop the crazy taskbar thing that's going on in the GIF. Currently, it happens each and every time I log in to the machine - is reproduceable with a simple log off or reboot. It only clears when I click on the Desktop or an application - the GIF shows my cursor hovering over the taskbar after log in before selecting anything.
Login - Reboot - Crazy Taskbar

Below are screenshots of my Zorin Appearance and Tweaks windows open to show some settings if it helps - transparency override, themes, etc. Please let me know if I can provide any other settings or configurations. I'm not sure, but because of the task

I have tried altering each setting I thought could affect the taskbar - e.g. transparency overrides, positions or behaviours - with no joy.

I am leaning toward it being a shell theme issue, however; I have changed the shell theme, logged-off and did not see the same adverse effect happening with the taskbar upon logging back in.

Is there any guidance someone can give as to what in my shell theme could be causing this?

Thanks in advance!

This makes me think shell theme, too.
How many themes have you tested?
If several do it, even if some down - I would look more toward Gnome Shell.
If only one theme does it and the rest do not - I would think it is that theme. I have Orchis theme, as well, so I can easily look the .css over on it.

Thank you @Aravisian!

Tested more than twice - each time the taskbar acts normally in all other themes. - it is the Orchis-Green-Dark-Compact theme .css file in either the gtk-3.0 orgtk-4.0 folders. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the way it was made to understand how to fix the changes I made to it via guidance from elsewhere.

I was kind of thinking of just re-downloading the theme, but I was still hoping to get some tweaks in my .css file - such as a darker green color throughout the theme...

If you have a decent .css with any modifications, would you be willing to share it - PM or pastebin or something? If not, I'd like to ask if you could point me in the direction of how to darken the green color throughout?

Thank you.

Yes, we can... I think we may first need to focus on why it is causing the taskbar to fritz out, though.
I will try testing and poking at my copy of Orchis later and see if I can find anything.
Please be patient, this could take some time.

Of course, thank you for the help.

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