Login screen appears on the external screen

I have an external screen connect to my laptop.
In Settings/Displays, the primary screen is set as the built-in display.

When boot Zorin OS 16, the login screen always shows on the external screen, not the primary screen.

But if I disconnect the external screen, the login screen, of course, shows on the built-in screen.

How to let the login screen show on the built-in display when an external screen connects to my laptop ?

One of the reasons GDM3 bugs me. It's got bugs.

Workaround for this bug is to configure your monitors the way you want, then copy the configuration file to the gdm3 directory.

sudo cp ~/.config/monitors.xml ~gdm/.config/monitors.xml

sudo chown gdm:gdm ~gdm/.config/monitors.xml

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I have the same problem but other way around. I want to have it on the external display but it's on the built in display of my laptop.

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The same suggestion above should work for you, as well.

I tried it out but nothing happened.

I double-checked...

It should work.

I rebooted my laptop but it's still the same.

can you open your ~/.config/monitors.xml file and check if <primary>yes</primary> is set on the correct monitor?

In researching this... Some say you need to remove the hashtag for WaylandEnable=false
in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf.

Others say you need to try it a couple times...

~gdm is not ~/gdm
~gdm equals to /var/lib/gdm3

I just tried, it works

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So what exactly is to do with this problem?

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