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As you may be aware, I am currently running Zorin as a VM inside of Devuan 3.1.1 - nearly lost Devuan whilst messing with Pulse Audio! Anyway, back on track. When I have run Zorin 16.2 Core in Live mode I get the login sound but not after install. Curiously, both KDE (Plasma) and LXQt always play the login sound and in the VM!

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Check Zorin menu > System Tools > Startup Applications to see if the startup sound is disabled there.

If you don't have Stacer installed already:
sudo apt install stacer

In Zorin menu > Accessories > Stacer, check the second tab (the little rocket on the left-hand side) for "Startup Sound".

The slider in Stacer removes a startup application from the Zorin menu > System Tools > Startup Applications list of startup applications... so if you don't see it in Startup Applications, check Stacer. Even if it's enabled in Stacer, it can still be unchecked (disabled) in Startup Applications, so check both are enabled if you want startup sounds.

Interesting, I did install Stacer on the VM and it launches as soon as Plasma does after the login sound. I don't think Stacer auto launches on Zorin Desktop! I must also test the Elementary OS DE (have forgotten it's name).

Pantheon, isn't it?


Well Pantheon does not seem to work with login sound. What is strange that in Pantheon tweaks, Sound is shown in appearance. When I first looked at it it had the options of freedesktop, Zorin, and elementary - this changed to Zorin, default and something else. Plasma stopped playing login sound, which is default setting for Plasma (silence) so you have to activate it as in the image below:

You must enable the startup sound in Startup applications

Nah bro pantheons actuals ugly

Plasma doesn't work that way - hence the screenshots. It is what I had to do on Devuan too. :wink:

see if there is another startup applications app

You misunderstand me. Problem is resolved. Things are different with Plasma when it comes to enabling login sound and logout sound - I provided screenshots for this very reason if someone else wants to try Plasma on Zorin.

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