Login Window Customization

Can somebody teach me how to customize the Login Window- Themes or whatsoever?. Is it possible?, if yes how?

olivertagod21, are you using Zorin Lite or Zorin Core?

If using Zorin Core (Gnome Desktop) or Zorin Ultimate (Gnome), you can try adding the following GDM3 theme manager.

If using Zorin Lite or Zorin Ultimate Lite (XFCE4 Desktop Environment), you can install and use:

sudo apt-get install -y lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

Using those login managers, you can select fonts, themes, icons and other options.

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Hey, Aravisian - can either of those options enable a sound at login? e.g., from Ultimate EditionOz Diamond BII it was “Welcome. Please identify yourself.”


I’m currently using the Core. Thank you, I’m currently installing loginized. Thanks a lot mate. <3

Umm… I am not sure. I know that on Mate Desktop, sounds are enabled at login by default. A discovery I made at least twice on two different occasions that caught me off guard when I had the speaker volume turned all the way up.
LightDM Gtk Greeter Settings does not show that option. I cannot say for Loginized as I have never used it.
Since you have KDE: