Logitech F710 Controllers won't stay connected in Z-17 update

So it seems everything works great so far, except my F710 gamepads. It affects both the same way, but basically the keep connecting and disconnecting. Well, they were. Now as I am writing this, I can't seem to get them to detect at all. They were working for the most part on 16.3, but now it's worse.
Let me know what I can provide to help, but at the moment, I am at a loss here.

This may be an xinput issue. Did they work in Zorin OS 16?
You might look at this convoluted suggestion by an Ubuntu 22.04 user:

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Oh hey! Thanks for the reply. I will check the link out this weekend and let you know if it helped. Thank you again!

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Hi again. No. Sadly, this didn't help. The pad is fully functional. They both just keep losing connection and I can't figure out why. It's getting frustrating. I've tried them in the hub and direct to the pc itself, but it's always the same. They stay connected for about a minute or so, and then they disconnect and reconnect over and over...
Ordered a Dualsense Controller this morning so I'll see if that fixes it. I hear its supported in the kernel (except for proper analog triggers being treated as buttons, but I can live with that for now)...

God I hate it when things don't go perfectly lol

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Have you tried flicking between DirectInput or XInput to see if that helps any?

Had F710 controllers long long ago. Ditched them as input lag (buffered/delayed) creep into gameplay too often for my liking. Bluetooth controllers like the 8bitdo Pro Contollers are my preferred choice these days.

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Yeah, thanks. That was the fist thing I tried. Many times. Its all good. I just gave up on them in the end. I have a new Dualsense PS5 controller now and so far so good Worked right out of the box with no setup. Mostly cuz I have it wired at the moment (long story short, my computer is from 2014-2015 and I have BT4.0. Apparently these, being so new, require at least BT5.0. So I have a new WiFi card coming with bt5.3 so this should fit the bill. I appreciate all the comments, but in the end, I like s#!t to be easy :joy:

I'll let you know if there were any issues after going wireless ....erm... again.