Logitech Ms master 3s wireless mouse

Hello , please do any one have an idea of how to be able to fully customise the Logitech Ms master 3s wireless mouse like how it made possible on windows 11 with the help of their logi options on windows.maybe a program or just any way to be able to customise the mouse because it has programmable buttons which can be assigned any task.

You can try Solaar:

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y install solaar

I have never used Solaar so I cannot provide detailed guides on setting up the mouse buttons.

I downloaded it for the zoirn store but the mouse didn't show up I the application

If you open it the whole thing was black and there was no option to do anything

I just tested it with installing solaar - and it won't launch for me at all.

I removed it:

sudo apt remove --purge solaar && sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove

I added the Solaar repo:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:solaar-unifying/stable

sudo apt install solaar

It then launched with a functioning Window.

It appears, the Ubuntu Main Repositories version is broken. Rolling my eyes...


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