Logitech touch mouse

Hello, I have a logitech touch mouse T620 and it works fine like a regular mouse. I would like to use all the functionality of the touch surface but i can’t find the way. In windows there is the set point software to configure it. How can I do it in Zorin? I am very happy with this OS and this is the only issue i have. Thanks a lot

I am in the process of making a new icon set and am adding New App icons to it. I came across an icon for a piece of software called Solaar. I had to look up what it is in order to figure what to make of the icon.
Solaar is a Linux Device Manager for Logitech Products.

sudo apt-get install solaar

I have never used it; so I cannot offer much more than that. But your post immediately reminded me of that (and the tediousness of designing an icon for it).
Maybe you could try that Solaar out and see if it helps resolve your issue.