Long-time pop_os! user review

Good day.

I figured its a good time to give some feedback for the one week i have been using Zorin OS.

  1. I did mention in another post about the sound issue i had been experiencing in Zorin OS. I was pretty close to switching back to Pop_OS!, as this is the one thing that should just be working out of the box. Instead i purchased Zorin OS Pro, considering the amount of work the developers have put into this project and with the overall community support - I'm convinced this issue can be resolved.

  2. I am currently using multiple monitors, and when i'm developing stuff - and the taskbar usually becomes a big pile of mess due to the amount of windows. This can be resolved by adding a setting for it:

Screenshot from 2024-04-19 18-19-01

Ignore the arrows, as this is an image i found on google. The setting I'm referring to is at the bottom-right:

When using multiple displays, show my taskbar apps on Taskbar where window is open

That setting is obviously not a dealbreaker for me, but ideally i do think its a good setting for an OS to have natively.

Other than those two, i have been very pleased with Zorin OS.
Have a nice day =D


I would also like to propose a change for the virtual workspaces. Currently the taskbar is showing the open applications, regardless of which workspace they're in. This can often become messy when there are numerous application open in each workspace.

Let's say there are two workspaces.
Workspace 1 contains Firefox, Chrome
Workspace 2 contains Spotify, Steam

The taskbar in Workspace 1 should then only show the two running applications (Firefox and chrome).

If this change is one day going to launch, it is probably advised to keep workspaces disabled by default, so that users that doesn't know how it works doesn't misclick and suddenly can't find their spotify window hehe.

Overall, this is the main reason i use virtual workspaces - that is to clean up my taskbar and obviously quickly switch between work and personal stuff

That is a desktop development issue with the GNOME folks or any organization providing extensions to GNOME.

The taskbar setting is available in Zorin OS. You can see my solution here: Isolate monitors - #9 by poropa6576


Hey there.

You just brightened my day, thank you so much! That is exactly what i was looking for. Although, one would think that setting belonged to the taskbar settings :grin:

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