Look at my live wallpaper

here is it is a photo of my live wallpaper it go in to 2 folder for photos

Oh ok, so your live wallpaper is like a photo collage that changes, cool. Does it work good?

i wonder if i can share a video here some how of it

I used Kooa to record my screen, I like it because it makes small video files. You can then upload the video to Youtube, and then you can post the link here for us to see.

is youtube evil i got it in my head youtube is evil

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I don't think Youtube is evil, Youtube is just a pain in the butt is all. Facebook is evil thats for sure.

I will say this though, when Youtube chanaged their policies, its the reason I don't do Youtube the way I used to. Any videos I made now are not for everyone on Youtube, they are for who I share the link with.

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so which one is better lbry or youtube

I have no idea, never used lbry, never heard of lbry, I cannot comment. Youtube is useful for posting video's online, thats all I will say.

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here is a video of my live wall paper

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I have a feeling that Google is evil. YouTube is owned by Google. I do watch YouTube though. YouTube, Gmail, and my gmail account are one of the only few Google services that I use now. But I will change my gmail account when I get my duck address. :wink:

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Google is most certainly evil, and I think Microsoft is just as bad if not worse. But Apple is the worst of them all now lol.

I think its neat how some people have live wallpapers. I think the first time I saw that was Zorin OS 9. I hope you enjoy your live wallpaper that you setup.

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