Looking for a RC airplane simulator for Linux

Are there any RC pilots on this forum? The only type of program for Linux I have been unable to find is a good Radio Control airplane simulator. The only one I have found so far is CRRCsim which seems to be really laggy on Linux. In other words my movement of the sticks is not quickly followed by the reaction of the plane. This of course makes trying to fly pretty difficult. That sim works fine on winblows. I really liked Picasim which also worked fine on winblows. But I can't seem to get it to work with Wine or any other way on Zorin 15. But keep in mind I still have a lot to learn about using Linux and especially using Wine to try and run winblows programs.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

I do not if it fits the bill, but I found this posting with a list of possible simulators:


Thanks FrenchPress, According to that information there is a way to get Picasim to work under Wine with some tweaking. So I will spend some time trying to get it to work as Picasim is my favorite RC simulator. There were also some other sims listed there to check out.


I am glad I could find something that might help :slight_smile:

I like your avatar. Snoopy flying his Sopwith Camel...
I collected all series when I was young.


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Thanks Derek. If I can't get Picasim to work I will definitely consider getting Wings. It really looks good. And much cheaper than RealFlight. But Picasim is free. For some reason the Wings website would not load last night but seems to be working fine this morning.

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