Looking for a software to fill PDF forms

Hi folks,

Here's my problem : compelled to fill PDF forms regularly (occupational hazard).

Which software would you advise to do that easily on Zorin OS ?


Try Libre Draw. I use it sometimes to edit PDFs.

Tried it and it's not satisfactory. My need is not editing but just filling the blanks in the pdf form. The software provided with Zorin is great for reading PDF, not filling them.

To clarify what I need, at the office, I use Foxit for that task and I fail to find a Linux equivalent.

Hope it clarifies my need, thank you anyway.

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You can install Foxit Reader on Ubuntu pretty easily:


I was having some issues with that too - have you tried Scribus? It allows you to edit boxes, text, pretty much the whole thing. Haven't used it in a while; was using it to convert my resumes to PDF :grin:


I don't know if it is still available, but I have used Master PDF Editor v.1.0. The only downside to this is that you are limited to the fonts on offer. I recently had to help my eldest to compile some evidence for them, a lot of papers, and even at 150 dpi it would not compress to less than 10 Mb, the limit of the upload site. I had purchased Qoppa pdf Studio Pro (might be a bit expensive for just filling forms in) and it had expired since I retired, so I recently paid for update and managed to use Maximum compression so that the resulting pdf only came to 2.5 Mb - image quality not great, but still readable. Obviously if you don't use the 'Agressive' option when creating pdf, the quality is outstanding. I also am a great fan of Vuescan Pro - again expensive if you don't need it but what I like about it is once you have completed a scan of the first page, you only have to preview following pages and save and you don't have to scan after preview!

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Geeee ! I must be senile, how could I miss that ? :expressionless: Thank you Aravisian.

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@ swarfendor437 I did try Master PDF Editor, but it's too bulky and heavy for my taste, same about the other software. Thank you for your time though.

I'll give Scribus a try :wink:

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You can just use Document Viewer to fill in PDF forms. It's a default application with Gnome Desktop.

Tried it, but can't say it worked well though.

Since I make GnuLinux icon sets, I already knew that Foxit Icons exist, therefor a Linux version must exist. With that heads up, I went searching for the application.

Downloaded Scribus, but hadn't enough time yet to figure how to use correctly.

Downloaded it Fox it reader as well, imho it's an ugly "copy & paste" from the Windows version, but as far as filling PDF is concerned, it works. Not the most pretty nor friendlier interface though.

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