Looking for some Linux analogues for W10 theming items

I'm not sure if this should be one question, or 5, or here or under Customisation, but I'm still getting used to this forum so I think I'm allowed some mistakes.

I'm looking for:

An analogue to Rainmeter, if possible. I've heard doing widgets on linux is a pain, that they're disparate programs with weird requirements, etc. More specifically, I'd like a pretty desktop clock and maybe a music player widget or some system info.

A way to change the icons of programs in the taskbar (where my custom ones don't seem to automatically appear)

A more customisable music player, preferably with a layout like AIMP's small vertical themes.

A way to throw excess tray icons into some kind of overflow menu so they don't clutter my taskbar but are there in case I need them

A way to have my start menu be a set of pinned items rather than a full app directory?

... And I guess any suggestions on things to beautify a zorin lite xfce install without eating too many resources? I've already figured out the basics (font/theme/icon/cursor). I've also heard you can really beautify the terminal. I hardly use it, but if you've any guides to send my way...

It is a pain. Well... to a person who has never used it before... But the answer would be Conky.
Conky is far more versatile than Rainmeter, however, much less simple to set up and configure than Rainmeter is. Rainmeter has nice graphics and is easy to deploy.
Conky... You need to do some coding.

That said, I would encourage you to go for it. I have had a lot more fun configuring, designing and creating my own Conky Objects than I can express. You can use background images, transparency - what have you.
In addition to this - many Linux users are happy to share their creations - often sparing you from a lot of the necessary backend work.
You can try searching Deviantart or Pling or other sources for conky and selecting one that you like.
If you go that route and run into trouble, please start a thread on that particular issue - just to keep things organized. We can help you get it sorted out.

Can you start a thread on this? I make custom Icon sets, so I probably can help. Most likely, the issue is that you need the custom icons as symbolic icons, as well. But we would need to get into details of what icon set you are using, etc...

I use Exaile - I also like Deadbeef and Audacious. Others will recommend other programs...
Audacious is based on XMMS, so can be very customizable in appearance.

Like Mate Desktops Panel Drawer?
You can create a custom launcher and then add many different items into it on XFCE4-Panel.
To try this out, add a launcher from the Panel > Properties > add items
Once that is added, right click that new launcher on the panel.
Select properties, then click the (+) add button. You can add multiple apps to that one launcher. When you select that launcher, it will expand to reveal all the available apps attached to it.

On Zorin OS Lite: You can pin many launchers near the App Menu with the dockbarx panel addon that Zorin OS Lite comes with.
You can pin all the launchers you can fit, just keep the app menu in case you need something you do not use often enough for a dedicated launcher.

XFDashboard may just tickle you...

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