Looking forward to the CORE to PRO Upgrade process

I ran CORE 12 then 15...Looking forward to upgrading to 16 PRO once
the Zorin Team complete the Upgrade process (Whether that is instructions or a upgrade file). After the last upgrade to 15 and how long it took to get everything working correctly (Devices-TV Tuner, Compile printer driver, etc.), Samba, applications, etc.etc. I will be happy to pay the $39 to move to 16 Pro so long as I don't have to go through that whole reinstallation process again.


Coming from ZorinOs16 beta, and definitely wanting pro for the layouts, I too feel the same. The amount of headaches and time I had to go through to set up all my applications properly and such... definitely will not do that again. Would happily pay for pro, but only if it just installs the benefits to my already working 16 beta/normal version.

Any way to know when this might happen? Or to stay up to date on this?

As I understand it, the upgrade tool is in development and targeted for deployment later this year. Other than to keep an eye on the blog and posts from the Zorins on this forum, I don't know how to stay up-to-date on development/deployment.

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Please see here:

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I'll wait for this tool to release then pay for/upgrade to Pro - looking forward to it.

Thanks to the devs in advance