Loss of sound

I wish you can help me with the following problem.
I had an ASUS Prime B450M-AII motherboard installed, as I was interested in being able to incorporate an AMD Ryzen processor.
In the sound settings section, at the beginning, regarding output device, three options are presented:
Digital output (S/PDIF) - USB AUDIO
USB AUDIO analog output
Digital output (S/PDIF) Family 17h (Models 00h - 0fh) HD Audio Controller
It is precisely this last option that is causing me problems, since, I don't know why, suddenly, the first two options disappear, leaving only the last one available, which causes the loss of sound.
The only way to recover the sound is to restart the computer.
I saw in a LInux Mint forum that people were complaining about the same problem, without being given a solution.
Thank you very much.

Do they reappear if rebooting?

And which one those you use for output?

Yes, the options reappear, after the reboot. However, as I pointed out, later on, something happens in such a way that the first two options are lost again, leaving me without sound.
From what I could understand, in a forum, the third option comes without sound by default (mute) , so you have to enable it.

I use the first one: digital output (S/PDIF) - USB - AUDIO.

I suppose you have already checked PulseAudio and/or Alsamixer settings.

Forgive my ignorance. I am a very basic level user.
How can I verify the Pulse Audio configuration?

I just checked.
It does not come in default installation.
You need to install it
sudo apt install pavucontrol
Then you can open it from a list of apps (search for PulseAudio).

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I'm wondering if

killall pulseaudio

would help in such case?


I am also looking at this:


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I just solved another sound problem in this thread:

You might find it useful.

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Thank you very much for the help. With your suggestion the problem was solved.

I am glad to hear that your problem is solved.
Please mark the thread as :ballot_box_with_check: solved so the the future visitors to the thread can find the solution they are looking for.

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