Lost ability to connect to internet

Newly installed Zorin 16 core 3 days ago, was setting up Firefox (synqd from another computer), PLEX media server and a VPN (TorGuard)
I had PLEX working and was finishing installing the VPN when I did something that now prevents me from connecting to the internet. I have a wired connection to my router and everything looks normal but no connections can be made. Out of frustration I removed the 3 programs mentioned thinking it was some selection I made unknowingly, but now cant reload them. error message pictured below

The error message indicates no internet connection.
Without knowing what that thing was... Since this is only a three day old install, I would just reinstall Zorin OS.

Once set up, we can help with installing VPN in a new thread in case that was where things went wrong.

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Was afraid of that.

Since the VPN was just installed, did you check the settings of the VPN, as many of them default to not allow a connection unless the VPN is in use.


It wasn't completely installed needed an additional dload called Wireguard. But in it only functioned when turned on. I am reloading Zorin anyway and will start again. Is there a restore option like windows had like setting a point to go back to before doing something risky?

Timeshift. You will have to have an ext4 partition to save it to.

sudo apt install timeshift

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