Lost email link for zorin pro download

Tried twice to get a replacement for my lost download link for zorin pro today. Both times was assured that an email had been sent. Searched all my email addresses -- both inbox and spam/junk -- but no email ever arrived. Would greatly appreciate suggestions/help. Thanks, Ron


I lost my download link for Zorin OS Pro. Can I download it without paying again?

You can use this link, but need the original email address used.

If you think you may have mistyped your email and registration emails are going into the ether - you may need to submit a support request


Tried request several times. Each time I was assured that the link had been emailed to me. No link ever arrived. I can still install ZorinOS with my old USB stick, but it would be easier with an updated installer. Decided it's not worth the effort to pursue any further. ZorinOS 16 still runs the classic version of Workspaces-to-Dock, so as a GNOMEhead I'll have it on any computer that I get my hands on.

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