Lost the GUI after crash but boots to terminal

My system (up to date) crashed today.
Now it only boots to the terminal.
QUESTION: Is it possible for me to reinstall (just) the GUI portion.
Unfortunately I am not at all experienced in Linux.
Thank you for any kind help here.

I don't know if this command will help:

Hi zabadabadoo,
Unfortunately my drive now does not now boot to the terminal so I cannot try your kind suggestion. (Too bad!)
Perhaps the problem is the drive itself.
What I have decided to do is try a full reinstall of Zorin.
Thank you again for your generous help!

Before you re-install, you should find a disk checking utility on the ZorinOS Live USB.
Run that from USB to check your disk is working good first.

Also worth checking if that disk is listed in Boot order in your BIOS.