Lost UI elements after install as VBox guest

Hello there everyone!

I installed Zorin into a VirtualBox guest, which went without issue. However, when I installed guest additions and restarted, I was greeted with a background but no UI elements(no task bar, nothing on screen at all). I can right-click the desktop and get the menu but that's it, I'm unable to perform any other action.

Can someone tell me what might be wrong and how I would fix the issue?

Thanks for your time!

It's probably because of the to small resolution in VirtualBox. Try alter the resolution.

I would start again by removing the VB of Zorin and start afresh. Install guest additions first then add Zorin VM I think is the correct order. I don't use VB anymore, I much prefer Virt Manager (Virtual Machine Manager to give it its full title), but I use it in GNU/Linux, not Windows. Some people are a bit squeamish configuring Virt Manager on Windows but for me it is far superior to VB. USB 3 gets recognised for starters.

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