Lost Zorin Pro options after having to reinstall gnome


After a software update tonight my install was no longer able to boot into the desktop. I was able to fix this by reinstalling gnome-session, gnome-shell, and gdm3.

Upon getting back onto the desktop everything looks exactly as I left it and runs correctly, but some of the Pro features of Zorin 16 are now missing, such as the extra layout options under Zorin Appearance. It also prompts me to upgrade when I visit the layout tab.

I've reinstalled zorin-appearance and zorin-appearance-layouts-support but that just leaves me with the standard options.

Is there a way to get these options back without a full reinstall from USB?

Can you insert your installation medium and ensure it is mounted.
Now, open the application named Software & Updates (or launch using software-properties-gtk) and move to the Other Software tab.
At the very top is an unchecked option for cdrom:[Zorin-OS 16-Pro...
Check that box. (IMPORTANT: do not forget to Uncheck this when you are finished with your package installations).

With this done, now you can use your Installation Medium for as a Source repository in order to have access to the Zorin OS Pro packages.

I am uhhh... (cough)... not using pro at the moment to my shame... but perhaps a Zorin OS Pro user like @Storm, @337harvey, @FrenchPress or others may be able to confirm the command

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop-pro

Once done; be sure to uncheck the box for cdrom: and unmount /eject the installation medium.


Core users cannot use this to upgrade ?

sudo apt-get install zorin-appearance-layouts-shell-premium

After that reboot


Checking the installed packages on the USB, the correct package seems to be


but I so far haven't had much luck in getting it to install from my own media, it's all a bit confusing trying to find exactly how to get that to work. Even if the explanations online are quite simple...


Scratch that, got it to work somehow. Layouts are back in action.

Thanks all!


Thanks for the saving info, Michel.

And no, since the Core .iso source does not contain the packages, Core users cannot use this to get Pro packages for free.


And by adding them manually ? In theorie you should have a upgrade right ?

From what source would they add them manually?

Well maybe if the zorin team provide it for users who want to do upgrades to pro ... I dont know i am just thinking :sweat_smile:


I think the Zorin team are really concerned about piracy, that they make it difficult on purpose, to fight piracy. IDK?

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