Lots of GUI bugs

After installing Zorin, I have noticed a lot of visual bugs (scrollbars problems, software window to big for desktop etc). Nothing that is tooo serious but it just isn't fun :slight_smile:
But, the task manager should be rock solid at least: I double clicked a column divider to see the whole description and then, well, see for yourself.

Can you provide some details?

I have had this happen to me, too. It does not happen very often at all... But sometimes, I have had a window open to a size larger than the screen. Which is annoying when the Close Button is Off screen.
I think this happens when a window was resized then immediately closed. The Desktop 'remembers' window sizes for the next opening. So the solution is to resize all windows to the size you want as you use them. Then when you open them later, they should be the same size as they were left.

Can you please clarify this? I opened Task Manager and double clicked everything I could find but did not see anything unusual.
What was it that you saw?

A better question, how do you fix all things by yourself? :slight_smile: If I want to improve Zorin, can I be the developer to fix this myself? I guess you are one of the developers?

I am asking you for details in order to help you to fix them, find a fix, or see if it is a bug that needs fixing.

No, I am a Forum Member.

Ok. Open Task manager, double click on the first column divider (to make it as long as the longest task text/description, which I would expect). Instead it shrinks to a minimum...is it by design or a bug?

This is by design. Double clicking any Column Separator Defaults it to the minimum. You can single-click and drag to resize the column header to your preference.

This is a good suggestion.

What bugs are you seeing in Scrollbar?

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Fair enough, this is what I would expect as a Windows user...I don't know about you Linux users...

About the scrollbars, there are many problems, they don't sync well or disappear etc (but of course not always)...I may post again some other time when I see them, now I have to leave.

The longest text may stretch the other columns 'outside' of the window borders and out of view.

If you installed zorin, even to try, doesn't that make you a Linux user?

You can't expect Linux to do everything windows does. The lack of an os feature doesn't make it a bug, it makes it different. Do you complain to Ford for not having sync anymore while GMC does have something like it? It is a completely different, a freely developed and assembled OS.... you should be glad some developers thought about window users and attempted to make the transition easier, not be critical because of ignorance regarding a different OS.

I've got to go...i have better things to do.


I had not seen this edited in portion earlier, sorry.
I think I know what you are referring to: Scrollbar Overlay feature.

I cannot stand that feature, myself. The scrollbars "autohide" when not in use.
The reason I dislike this feature so much is that I dislike my tools being hidden. When I go to use the scrollbar, like my ratchet wrench, it should be where it is supposed to be. Having it hide means I need to wiggle the mouse around to get it to auto-appear. Scrollwheel is fine, but for Fine Tuned incremental scrolling, you need precision. Including the Scrollbar Steppers (which is another feature Gnome removed in Gnome 40.)
Fortunately some of these are in your control. The users ability to modify and control their environment is very important for a good working experience.

To disable Scrollbar Overlay:
In terminal enter in

sudo nano /etc/environment

Add the following line: GTK_OVERLAY_SCROLLING=0 at the end of the file.
Hit ctrl+x to exit, hit the Y key to say yes to save, then hit the Enter key to save under current configuration.