Lots of updates to 17

I check for updates most days and there is always something in the list, rarely do I get your System is Up to date. Is this normal with 17 just being released or is it a sign of the ways things are? Those people at the Zorin Group must be busy beavers. :slight_smile:

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Since Zorin is based on Ubuntu/Debian, it is likely to get security updates for many of the base components and/or the software applications. Some days you might get some updates and some days not not so many.

Thanks for the info. Just coming from windows which is once a month unless it is critical seems very frequent.

Yes this is normal. I am on Zorin OS 16.3, and this has been the case on this OS, as well as previous versions. I've also used POP OS several years ago, and it was the same there as well, its really just a Linux thing in general.

Microsoft doesn't really care about your security, so they will update you when they feel like it. Linux updates all the time to keep you secure, it isn't just all standard APP updates, many are security updates.

Did you know that the International Space Station uses Linux on their computer systems? Because even Nasa knows they can't rely on Windows to take care of them lol. And yes the amount of the update fluctuates from time to time, sometimes its 500MB, sometimes its 3GB.

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You also cant open windows in space. Lol!

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