Loud noise fan when run cetain windows app (wine app)

I'm using wine to run old game(road rush) and I'm using wine also for paltalk.
I noticed road rush game cause loud noise fan sound, although that game is old and need very vey low ram , cpu,etc, the same happens with paltalk and cause it to crash the app and slow the pc, I tried to limit cpu using to be low as the game requirements, the noise disappeared when run the game, and sometimes paltalk work very good when limit the cpu using.
I wish I know the reason for that.

Could be different reasons for that. Mostly it could be dust on the fan(s).

Try the games in lutris too please. What gpu do you have ?

in general that will be right, but i can launch other native linux app or game like xonitic without that problem.
also i can run game like pes2013 in wine without that problem.
I think that is certain apps or game has common something that wine can't work with it well

I think lutris is the same wine , i think lutris use wine, u have ever tested problem like that, and u found lutirs solved it?

Lutris is not the same, they use runners based on wine (same like steam with proton). I don't have this issue at all so i can't test it. That's why i asked to try lutris with it's runners.

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