Love Zorin 16

I installed Zorin 16 Pro this weekend and I have to say: I love it!
I'm on Linux for a year now, started with Elementary, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and last Garuda Linux.
Zorin, for me is the perfect OS. I regularly work with Mac OS and Windows and, as a father and fulltime worker, don't have the time to look in every corner of the OS.
With Zorin everything looks and feels great and familiar, works flawlessly and even gaming is a charm.
It's not always good to have the newest and best in regards to drivers, that's my experience with gaming on Garuda, for example.
Many games didn't work and I don't have the time to deep in and find out why.
On Zorin, they work without problems.

All in all I have the feeling, that computing with Linux is fun again.
I don't like the way the big company's are evolving and with Linux I feel I have the power and choice back again.

With my own managed Nexcloud the experience is just as good as with MacOS and the iCloud.

So, thanks for the great work. You deserve the 39€ for all the work you put in this distribution - it's literally worth it - for me!


Welcome to Zorin OS 16! :slightly_smiling_face: And oh my gosh, did you go and do an awesome thing and supported the dev's by purchasing Zorin OS 16 PRO? I think you did, my oh my, you are positively stellar! :star2:

Thank you for also providing valuable feedback to the dev's. We the volunteers on this board, are always eager to read the feedback from new Zorin OS users, especially those who went and got PRO. I am glad that Zorin OS allows you to do what you need to do, without having to think about it.

And, one of the reasons why gaming is starting to get better on Linux all the sudden is because of Valve. Valve is a company that supports Linux, and uses Linux on their company developing machines.

Furthermore, Valve has come out with their new Steam Deck, soon to be released, and it runs on Linux, and Valve has done things like the Linux Anti-Cheat software, to improve the gaming community.

Valve is really the only company who is trying to improve gamers lives on Linux. Also, as surprising as this is to admit, in a recent video from Valve, to show people how to take apart their Steam Decks, they came out to say, that we have the RIGHT TO REPAIR

Yes, kid you not, from a big company like them, they actually said that. So, I think gaming has a good outlook going into the future. And now that DLSS support and DirectX 12 support has come to Linux, it only improves gaming further if you have Nvidia.

Thank you for being the amazing person that you are, and please do continue using Zorin OS 16, to do all the wonderful things that you do.


I agree with Daniel. After trying many Linux distros, many of which I really liked, I have settled on Zorin 16 for my preferred daily driver for my laptop computers. I purchased the PRO edition because I wanted to support the project, but I'm running the CORE edition as I don't need all the software that is installed along with the PRO edition and CORE does everything I need. I also want to say, the Zorin support staff are fantastic. They have been so responsive when I have had an issue.

Regards ... Tim


Thanks for the nice words.

A small correction.
We are all volunteers here and not related to Zorin group in any way.
Zorin is financing the forum server but we are donating out time to support this OS which we believe in its quality.


There's a poll for that...

Yes i support project and also have a core on older machine.
What Linux OS Distro Is For You? quiz

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