Lovely UI, unreliable and buggy os

Hi guys,

I am not a linux user, i am trying to become one. I am trying to escape the empire... Zorin OS seems on the surface as the ticket for escape.
Alas, the OS is buggy. Between steam problems that is stuck in a 'loading userdata' loop, the OS randomly not booting but just stuck at logo screen, and generally applications to bug/freeze it seems that zorin is not for me.

Do you have any recommendations for alternatives? Id rather not go back to windows..

Now would be good to post the specs of your system. I don't encountered any of these problems - so it can be hardware related to your system.

Fedora Linux is nice, but not newbie friendly - you need to read up on it before using it.

Lenovo Legion 7 - 81YU
1TB ssd
Gtx2070super max q
32gb ram

Bought it 6 months ago.

I have the same problems i experience on this, on my smaller computer. Exactly the same. Steam problems, stalling, stuck in loading screen etc.

Others I have seen had issues with Steam - but it seems to be a Steam problem rather than an OS problem. Valve had made some changes to the app irself somehow which makes it run poorly on some system. The first thing you can try is;

  1. uninstall steam.
  2. remove/delete .steam folder from your home directory. The dot infront of it means it's hidden, so you need to set the file browser to see hidden files.
  3. (via terminal)
sudo apt install steam

If it doesn't help, perhaps @Aravisian can sheet some light on how he got it working.




Already done that. It doesnt work.


Just did a clean install of zorin. Updated the os. Then installed steam using apt.

Same problem

Trying to escape the empire is certainly a worthy cause, but do not expect to have everything on Linux working as it did on Windows or vice versa. Both are complex operating systems with their very own bugs and glitches.

I do not want to get into the Steam issue, since you are already discussing it in a different thread. But a quick search reveals that users have been having ongoing problems with it on Linux for the last six months, whether on Zorin 16, Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 23.04, Linux Mint 21.1, Debian 11, Pop!OS, OpenSuse Tumbleweed, QubesOS or NixOS.

So, apparently, this is a Steam issue that should be solved by the folks responsible for its development. Thus, I would recommend voicing your problem here.

As for the other issues, I cannot report anything of the like. None of my apps freeze and my system boots every time I need it to. This forum would likely also be flooded with cries for help if the majority encountered severe problems.

In case you do, I recommend opening separate threads for each issue, and I am sure the community will do its best to help you out.

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Okay, thanks.

I am half suspecting network/connectivity or perhaps even that steam has some "smart" detection due to too many logins... that however was never a problem using the empire's software... guess using evil software has it advantages.

What i seek is actually a platform, that allows me to play fully offline. Where i can opt in to be online. No forced updates.

Thats my goal at least

You are welcome. Yes, shenanigans like "smart" detection can be quite annoying, since it is usually anything but. Although that should be an issue no matter the OS.

When it comes to gaming, I think the only pro about Windows at this point is that it requires less tinkering and offers 100% compatibility—e.g., when it comes to Anti-Cheat software.

That aside, some games run even faster on Linux now, so we are headed in the right direction. :sunglasses:

Does that not depend on the game / genre rather? I do not play single player games anymore, so I am online naturally. Is there a specific reason you prefer to stay offline?

As for updates, you could always defer them on Windows, but they will nag you eventually.

What worries me about Windows is their intrusive telemetry. I see no point in paying with my personal data when I have already paid for the license.

Yes, it shouldnt be related to the OS, but it seems to only be caused on Linux.

Yes i really liked windows 10, but considering they are killing it, AND that i dont trust M$, and the "Do no evil gang" i believe this to be a good time to let go of convenience. Besides, with the world we a heading into I wouldnt want to run windows.

Wrt. Offline play, certainly it depends on the game, but i want my comp to be fully offline at all times, unless needed. I am a prepper, so i want to harden any tools i have. Windows plays tricks with you, and it has a tendency to enable updates and what not.

Yup the telemetry, the biometrics, backdoors... it is ... worrisome


In a normal Case I would say Linux Mint. When You start in the Linux World I think it is a good first Experience - when you don't like Zorin.

For Gaming ... Storm named Fedora. That is a good Choice because you have relatively up-to-date Kernels. I tried it for normal Use but DNF was not mine. We didn't come together, haha!

I've heard from another Distro for Gaming: Nobara. It ist grounded on Fedora. But there are Configurations on the Kernels for Gaming. It have this Steam and other Gaming Stuff on it.

One other Distro could be Pop_OS!. It should be good for Gaming too. But it is not so configured like Nobara. It ist more a normal one.

Maybe one of them could be the right Distro for you.


I was struggling with trying to fix Steam just yesterday and I had no luck...

Exactly. I have determined that it is a Steam issue.
I suspect it is an electron issue. Which may explain why its troubles are more noticeable on GnuLinux.

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I can shed some more light on the symptom. It is ONLY after steam has been installed that the oroblem occurs. That is, first time login requires a confirmation code. It is this process that is .... broken.... if i manage to get past time, by... sheer randomness, the problem doesnt occur again.

I have a Lenovo Legion 5 PRO with dual gpu, when i set NVIDIA Optimus to only run on the NVIDIA gpu i got the problem that Steam would not load. I solved this by editing the file /usr/share/applications/steam.desktop and removing line that says PrefersNonDefaultGPU=true and also the line that says X-KDE-RunOnDiscreteGpu=true. Save the file when these two lines are removed and reboot. It worked for me.

I don't have problems either since ZOS 16. I also use Linux Mint Debian & Ubuntu editions. I prefer LMDE 6 the most but still like ZOS 17 very much. I still use Windows 11 too. I hope the problems can be fixed for those that have specific hardware issues.

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I will give it a try. Thanks

Which kinda makes it worse given the fact they are maintaining a handheld running Linux themselves.


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