Low Resolution in some areas

Im on Zorin 17.1 on a 15 inch Lenovo P15 gen 1.

The display on this laptop is pretty excellent but I have noticed the resolution is pretty poor in some areas particularly on Brave browser.

To get the right proportions, aspect and zoom I have had to use fractional scaling on wayland.

Here are my settings:

After a search it looks like the issue is with Brave and I found the following comment which does in deed fix it:

" Answer: I went to brave://flags/#ozone-platform-hint and chose wayland and it works perfectly now."


The insidious creep of Wayland and IBM!

ah update on this. Soon after making the above change I started to experience a lot of display issues, freezing windows etc. I uninstalled Brave and the issue resolved. clearly a problem with Wayland and Brave..

This actually wasn't a solution, but just an update that there is still a problem. If anyone does know anything about this then please do advise.

-chuckle- no problem. I have removed the Solution mark.

I agree: What is the difference between a "solution" and a "workaround"? There is no truly defined difference and the usage varies based on how happy the user is to get the problem to go away.

Many posters do not actually mark the solution on solved threads, so I have gotten used to tagging along and marking them. A marked solution helps other users find means of addressing problems.
You do have the ability to mark (and to change the mark of) solutions in your thread, so I will trust that to you.:wink:

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