Lutris won't recognize my steam games folder

So I added my SteamLibrary folder for Lutris to scan and it "detects" the games but refuses to add them:

Need troubleshooting suggestions please and thank you

Some info about my system:

  • I'm using the ZorinOS package for Steam, and the Flatpak for Lutris

  • I have one game installed to my SSD that Lutris can detect, but all my other games are on a different drive (and yes, it's properly mounted)

If using the Flatpak for Lutris, you may need to install flatseal and expand Flatpak Permissions to have greater access to your system.

It has access to all system files

You may be able to find more specific support on the Lutris forum.

I am not passing the buck here... I do not use Lutris and I never have used it.
I am woefully underqualified to be much help.

While there are members on here who do - we can only wait and see if they are familiar with this issue - and making use of the Lutris forum as a resource may help spread your eggs across more than one basket.

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