Mac keyboard not detected (bluetooth)

My mac keyboard is not detected on bluetooth. Someone have a solution for this please ?

Is Zorin OS installed on a Mac machine? If so, did you use rEFInd to install Zorin OS?

Yes its a mac machine , rEFInd ?

rEFInd is a method of managing EFI installs of GnuLinux on Mac machines:

It is recommended to use if installing a GnuLinux distro on a mac.

This can relate to the issue that you are having, though your issue may be caused by something else. It's a good starting point.

Ok , thank you

In the meantime, can you open terminal and run

sudo bluetoothctl

Plug in the Mac keyboard, then in terminal run

scan on

and relay if the keyboard is detected

dont work

the terminal see new devices but in bluetooth settings nothing
Screenshot from 2024-02-05 20-54-52

Screenshot from 2024-02-05 20-56-46

Does blueman app reflect the same?

Install with sudo apt install blueman if needed.

After this ? The program has been installed

Launch blueman and under Adapter run search


Remember that Mac Keyboards remain paired - so if that keyboard is paired to another machine in your local area, you need that machine turned off.

Looks like we may need to roll up our sleeves on this one.


The prompt will change to

Agent registered

enter in

agent KeyboardDisplay


Drain the Mac Keyboard capacitors by removing any batteries from the keyboard, then holding down the keyboard power button for 30 seconds.
In terminal run

scan on

Then replace the keyboard batteries and hold the power button down when you turn it on to ensure the power light is blinking (trying to pair).
Monitor the terminal for the keybaord to appear,. it can take a bit, 45 seconds... but shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes.
The keyboard I.D. that pops up should look like 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

Still in the bluetoothctl prompt, try replacing the below example 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with the I.D. you got in the step above:

connect 00:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

At this point, I am more at a loss because I do not and never have used a Mac keyboard on a GnuLinux distro. But I think it should change the I.D. in bluetoothctl to your Keyboard name and then ask for a PIN.

If you get a connection failed, try scan on steps from above.

its a wireless keyboard i dont have power button

The above refers to the wireless Mac Keyboard. How do you pair it, normally?

I go to the bluetooth setting and after i activate my keyboard and then it shows me my keyboard thats it , i tested with the apple mouse it works but with keyboard no

I guess try placing the batteries back in and it should turn itself on...

okey i do that , thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

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