Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

So I've been using Apple products since 1980 -- yeah Im old and trying to teach and old dog new tricks is hard. I have keyboard shortcuts burned into muscle memory and I also use a mac at work. So is it possible to remap all the cmd-x, cmd-c, cmd-v, cmd-a, cmd-z and others to Zorin os? Right now I am in KDE and it looks like a mac, but doesn't act like one. Esp when using Firefox which seems to not even care about what is defined in KDE. Looking for a desktop where it all just works the way I want it to without spending hours getting it that way. Having a setting that remaps all the macos shortcuts, along with the desktop look and feel is what I want to know if Zorin can do.

You can definitely remap keys. But I strongly advise against using KDE on Zorin. You are never going to get a really coherent experience.

That is the mistake a lot of beginners make with Linux in trying to make it to much like Mac or Windows. It will NEVER be fully the same. There isn’t enough demand for this for there to be enough developers to make it happen. What something like Zorin does is get you 90% there with the technologies that exist. But installing something like KDE on Zorin throws all of that out.

I would advise either trying Elementary OS or getting the Pro version of Zorin if you want a Mac-ish experience.

If you go to KDE setting and type keyboard into the search I am sure something along the lines of Keyboard Shortcuts will pop up for you to change.

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