Mac os app support .dmg Files

Is that apple mac os .dmg application files can run in zorin os

Files of extension .dmg are part of MacOS proprietary wrapping system.

yeah I'm asking. is .dmg file format not supported in zorin. like windows .exe

I never heard linux can working on unix os but propably will working in virtual machine.

Ah, no, sorry. Believe it or not Windows is more open than Mac OS is.

Apple loves to close things off so tight, you'd need a jack hammer to break through. Its the whole reason they got rid of their lightning port on their phones. Apple claims this was to make the phones water proof and make wireless charging easy.

Ya, lets be honest, Apple wanted to spend less money to make the phones, while they jack up the price every years on their latest model phones to make more money. Now their phones cost like what freaking 1400 dollars now for the Iphone 13?

Its just unbelievable the levels of unrelenting greed that Apple shows the world. There was one race that followed Apples business model, they were called the Ferengi.

#10 Rule of acquisition number #10, Greed Is Eternal.

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Price expensive with small SoC size GB,memory, the same with laptops and PC small hardisk size for high price in apple.

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