Macbook 2.1

Can't install Zorin 16 on my Old Macbook 2.1
Boot from usb. When selecting any item in the installation menu, I get a black screen (((

What is the spec of that Macbook 2.1? e.g. CPU, RAM etc.
I suspect it may only be 32bit from reading this: MacPro 2,1 64bit EFI - Apple Community
In that case try Zorin15.3Lite. That is the last 32bit ZorinOS.
All editions of ZorinOS 16 are 64bit only.

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Alternatively, give MX-Linux 32-bit a try as uses very little resources and will be more up-to-date than Zorin 15.3 which reaches end of life this April.

or Devuan 4.0 32-bit (i386 isos):

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Devuan is a niched distro in user scope and purpose. For one new to Linux, MX might be better. Analyze your hardware, CPU, and RAM to choose what to install. Just because it is Linux doesn't mean it will run on any machine.
Also don't treat a tool, an operating system, as a sports team. They're meant to serve you, not the other way around.

Still waiting a reply from the OP on hardware spec.

ZorinOS 16.2 work, all thanks, i change chip of USB

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