Macbook 2.1

Can't install Zorin 16 on my Old Macbook 2.1
Boot from usb. When selecting any item in the installation menu, I get a black screen (((

What is the spec of that Macbook 2.1? e.g. CPU, RAM etc.
I suspect it may only be 32bit from reading this:
In that case try Zorin15.3Lite. That is the last 32bit ZorinOS.
All editions of ZorinOS 16 are 64bit only.

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Alternatively, give MX-Linux 32-bit a try as uses very little resources and will be more up-to-date than Zorin 15.3 which reaches end of life this April.

or Devuan 4.0 32-bit (i386 isos):

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Still waiting a reply from the OP on hardware spec.

ZorinOS 16.2 work, all thanks, i change chip of USB

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