Macbook Air 2015: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries 720p FaceTime HD Camera Not Working

I installed Zorin OS Core on a old MacBook Air 2015. The camera was the only thing that did not work automatically. Here is what I found to make it work. Hopefully it helps others.

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Do you have access to a network connection, possibly Ethernet? If you open Software Updater, hit the 'settings' button to the left of the window, and navigate to the 'Additional Drivers' - with Ethernet, if available, do you get any drivers popping up? I can't say for sure, but my older 2009 model needed b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-installer - the fwcutter package extracts the firmware from firmware-b43-installer. You may need the STA driver, which also may be listed in Additional Drivers. Either b43-firmware or STA drivers work - long history of BCM cards either being able to use STA or b43..

Webcam - that also needs a driver - you can grab that off the MacOS installer disk, if available - or Google. Copy the AppleUSBVideoSupport file to somewhere like /home/user/documents, then install isight-firmware-tools, run isight-firmware-tools in terminal, it'll ask where the file is - replace the text in the box with /home/user/Documents/AppleUSBVideoSupport, it will extract and make available - just need to reboot, and should be working :sunglasses:

(edit) I do see that years model brings up BCM4360 - willing to bet the b43 firmware will work; if not, the STA drivers should bring it to life..

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