Macbook Air w/Zorin 16 locking up

I have a Macbook Air w/ 8g memory running Zorin 16. I am finding that the machine just totally locks up after a while forcing me to do a forced shutdown/restart. I basically have brave browser running with about 10 tabs as well as file manager and Shotwell open as I am editing the dates on some photos. This doesn't seem like it should overwhelm a machine. Any ideas and what I can check? Memory maxing out and not being released? Heat overload? Thanks

You could try running Stacer while do your work. 10 tabs in a modern browser can easily eat 2 GB RAM depending on content. Gnome takes 2-4 GB for itself after awhile.

Thanks, I am 4-5 months new to Linux and 2-3 months new to Zorin so I am not aware of all the tools and how to use them. I will give Stacer a try.I also am running btop and don't know if I should be concerned with what it shows as the temp for the CPU - 150-160 degree F?

I don't know nothing about how a Mac is build. Is it possible to use a can of air to blow the system through?

I will pick up and try some air also. I searched on temp and from what I can see the range seems OK

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