MacBook Pro (17" mid 2010) - Battery @32% MAX

I'm trying my best to get Zorin to work at its best. The machine I have is a MacBook Pro (17" mid 2010). The battery is 2 years old. However, the charge when I was working with Catalina would go all the way to 100% and last for about 3hs... Now it lasts only 1 hr and it has a cap at 32%. I have installed Slimbook Battery to inspect and conserve energy. This is a screenshot of what is happening.

Try Increase battery life with TLPUI

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  1. How do I install Dynamic Battery?
  2. How do I configure the TLP-UI?
  3. Do I have to uninstall Slimbook Battery?

Is not needed anymore....
(Just for information it is a gnome extension that can be installed from

You can launch TLP-UI from application menu and configure it from there.

I don't really know but it is better to uninstall it to avoid conflict between the two apps.

Have you done any full discharge, full charge cycles to calibrate battery meter?

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