Macbook pro 17” mid 2010

Hi guys… you helped me with this before… i bought a new battery… installed on mid November it and worked fine until yesterday. I did the usual weekly updates and upgrades. Can you help me again? I cant spend $40 every three months for batteries to continuously die.

The only thing I can think of is a better quality battery. Some sellers have been known to sell recycled batteries with questionable quality to begin with. Perhaps visit some reputable battery sellers or computer seller? I can only think of Best Buy (maybe) or New Egg?

Is battery indeed dead or just indicated as dead.
Maybe battery indicator needs calibrating by full charging/discharging cycles.

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That used to be the case with Nickel Cadmium batteries. When I was working had to order some Lithium-ion batteries for Toshiba notebooks. Calibrating those killed them instantly. The other thing to check is date of manufacture, as Lithium-ion batteries start to decay as soon as they leave the factory.

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charging is not happening... the battery went from working (charging and discharging) to completely not taking a charge at all right after an update/upgrade. I wonder if there is anything that can be done on the configuration level so this stops happening

If this behaviour was after a kernel update, I suggest you reboot to grub menu, select "Additional Options for Zorin", choose the previous gereric kernel version listed and boot that to test.

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