MacBookPro 17" Sound Issues

Hi! I need help as my computer is working better and better every day. Howeverm when I am listening to music, the music every once in a while, the sound cuts for a split second. This happens sporadically. Why is this going on?

This is a new one... and Tricky to troubleshoot, really. You might try experimenting to see if sound is more likely to cut out on some apps rather than others. I did try searching this issue:

Thank you my friend! The issue was happening with Clementine... Not many programs running. Maybe Firefox had many tabs open. However, I was not running any other programs. I have 8gb of ram and a 2.6 i7 I believe. Maybe its a graphic card issue?

Are you using Nvidia?

yep :confused:

Then... Your hypothesis is possible. You could test it out by using a different Nvidia driver.

maybe... but currently, this (as far as I know) is the only nvidia driver that actually works on this computer.

Could you please outline your Macbook model? Perhaps some of the Nvidia Experts on the forum can help you.

Thank you!
MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.66 17-Inch (Mid-2010)
Identifiers: Mid-2010 17" - BTO/CTO - [MacBookPro6,1][A1297]

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Also, according to Mac Support:

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