MacBookPro: Can Zorin Desktop Manager be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Zorin does not survive the first reboot after first installation on MacBookPro8,3.
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installes without problems, and reboots correctly. Can the Zorin Desktop Manager 16.x be installed on the clean installed original Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in stead of using the Zorin complete package?
During the installation of Zorin 16.1 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, noticed that everything seems identical in the setup process, but afterwards, Zorin is less stable than original Ubuntu; eg. Bluetooth, rebooting and graphic drivers in Ubuntu are solid till now, Zorin seems to fail.
Q: Possible to install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS plus X without ubuntu Desktop Manager, but only with Zorin Desktop Manager afterwards; or parallel if it works?

It is not possible, since Ubuntu 22.04 uses GTK4. You could install the Zorin Desktop on to Ubuntu 20.04... But 22.04 contains a whole new GTK which throws a wrench into the works (Because it removed and eliminated many desktop features and functions).
I wonder if the instability you are seeing is due to Ubuntu 22.04 using a much newer kernel.
If your computer is a newer machine, it may need the latest additions and patches in the kernel, which would come with Ubuntu 22.04.

You could try installing the 5.18 kernel on Zorin OS and see if that resolves some issues.

When you installed on the MacBook, did you use rEFInd?

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