MacBookPro (Late2011) w/ flawed Nvidia GPU

Okay so already ZorinOS is my go to on any machine but since I got no money right now,the MBP2011 is all I got and ZorinOS brought it back to life even with he faulted GPU.
My question is,and this I know is a stretch, can I do some mild gaming with the Intel GPU? How much memory does it have and if at all possible how do I go about this?

Intel GPU’s integrated in the CPU, from that time period, were not able to run games beyond simple Solitaire or Chess. Those Intel chips were designed to process video streaming, allow you to do some photo work, and very basic video editing, and thats about it.

Modern notebooks with Intel chips have more powerful integrated GPU’s in them, but even still, to do any real gaming, you need an Nvidia or AMD GPU. Unfortunately, because your notebook is so old, we also can rule out an external GPU setup.

Due to the age of your notebook, you probably only have 1 or 2 USB 3.0 ports. My notebook is from 2012, and it only has USB 3.0 ports as well. And USB 3.0 doesn’t have the throughput necessary to drive an external GPU.

I have plans to buy a new computer, and one of the features I am making sure that I get, is Thunderbolt 3 support. So that years down the road, when my internal 3080 GPU becomes too old, I can buy an external GPU enclosure that uses Thunderbolt 3, stick a modern desktop GPU inside it, and wala, notebook upgraded.

So if your asking for my opinion, mine would be, please save up and plan to buy a new computer. Other’s might disagree with me and thats fine. But your telling me that you want to play games, and probably would like to play modern titles. So, your gonna need a new computer.

Also, thank you for using Linux, the more people who see the light, is another saved I always say. I don’t trust Apple or Microsoft with a 10-foot pole lol.

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I have this machine. It may be comparable to yours but I can’t tell since I don’t know about Macs.
Mass Effect 1 can run on it but is so slow that it is not worth it. It runs MarZ and the game is playable, unlike ME1, albeit the lowest graphic settings. It comes down to how demanding the game is. Further, what these machines could not run on a burdensome OS like Windows, they can now run on Linux. That is why you have to use trial-and-error. My 2 cents is to test various games and see which ones run and play them for a while before you make any future purchasing decision.

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Cheers man,I kinda knew I wouldn’t be able to play my DOW ultimate apocalypse I need to confirm.thanks again

Well my fav classic is Dawn Of War - Ultimat Apocalypse and it’s based on a quite old game

If you get a new computer, please post it here, as I’m very much interested in what you go with. I’m just sorry your GPU has failed on you. But this perhaps will garner you a better machine in the future. Your welcome and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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From what I gather Ultimate Apocalypse is a mod of Soulstorm. Soulstorm runs fine on my machine. Again, I don’t know if it will run on yours - I’m going by the guess that both our machines came out at the same time.

Remember,the Nvidia GPU fail and I’m using the Intel one;is there a way? Cos all I get is a black window then it disappears

Sorry, I don’t recall. Can you link the thread?