Macos big sur theme for zorin 16 pro please

Hi i had a set of macos big sur theme and icons that worked for Zorin 15.3 beautifully. When i upgraded to Zorin 16 pro, it seems the themes are not compatible with Zorin 16 pro. does anyone have a link where i can download them that work for Zorin 16 pro?

thank you for your help.

Did you check this page? It is supposed to be compatible Ubuntu 18.04 and up.

The theme requires Gtk 3.20 or newer, so it should work with most Linux distributions, e.g. from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.10, etc.

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thank you i will try

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Please make sure to report your result back.
That would help others who are looking for the solution.

Thanks guys the problem was resolved i found the theme folder which is supposed to go to .local/share/themes it was in a double folder.