MACOS-like dash animation...?

Hi everyone.

I'm not really sure if Zorin OS has a MACOS-like animation for the dash at the bottom, when I have the Mac OS layout.
I'd like to hover my mouse over the dash, and when I'm going through the open apps/favorites, I want it to have the "magnifying" animation Mac OS has. I don't even know how to explain it. But I'm sure you understand what I'm referring to.

Can this be enabled somehow on Zorin OS? I've looked everywhere on the settings, but I can't find anything.

Thank you!

It's ok, we have all seen that using Plank Dock or Cairo Dock.
I am sure some Gnome Users can help you get set up with something that has that animation.
KDE Desktop (Does not come with Zorin OS) also has that feature...

yeah. I do know that KDE has this. The thing is, I like Zorin due to its simplicity, and it would be great to have it here.

I'll look into Plank or Cairo. Thank you!

I'd also take a look at Docky:

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I definitely recommend Plank. Dead easy to use and you can add the magnifying effect. It doesn't come with a lot of "styles" but if you wanted to you could even CSS it :wink:

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